[Teachme] Teachme iPhone App V1.2.0をリリースしました。

Teachme iPhone App V1.2.0をリリースしました。

・設定画面からTeachme Infoを閲覧できるようになりました。

・画像編集機能がMarkee 1.10.0同等の機能になりました。

New Features
-Add Teachme to Hatena Bookmark (Hatena Bookmark app needs to be installed)
-Bookmark favorite users
-Receive notice of new contents created by bookmarked users
-View Teachme Info from the setup screen
-Easy to confirm the updated areas when contents have been updated
-Choose which event to post to when creating contents

-The maximum number of contents that can be created has been changed from 25 contents to up to 10 contents per month and no limit for the total number of contents. There are no changes to group mode.
-Image editing has been updated to be equivalent to Markee 1.10.0.
-Changed method of how the content is displayed to not display contents that has been updated in a short period of time.
-Other small bugs have been fixed.



Teachme V1.2.0でできること